Our Policies

In keeping with the integrity of this site, our personal and professional integrity, and the quality of the services we offer here, we wanted to be sure to bring you the very best. Therefore, we have gathered a group of real psychics together who offer you real psychic readings.

Real psychic ability is a genuine spiritual gift and it is a rarity. There are many people on the planet who have just “come awake,” and are perhaps quite “intuitive,” but this does not make them “psychics.” Because we are psychic owned and operated, we know what to look for, and what you should look for in real psychic readings. Be assured that while they are not God, and they don’t know everything there is to know, they are all qualified to help you through your challenges. They are professional psychics.

In psychic readings sometimes we do not hear what we want to hear. And sometimes we think if someone tells us what we already know, that means they must be psychic. That is not true. That is intuitive ability or empathic ability. Validation and confirmation of you and your situation is important, but in a real psychic reading you should not be told only things you already know.

So remember, sometimes in a real psychic reading you are going to hear things that you DON’T ALREADY KNOW. That’s good! That’s information you should make note of and watch for it to come to pass. A good and genuine psychic will tell you many things you do not already know. And sometimes it just takes time for predictions to happen.

A real psychic will be able to look far ahead, not just into the next few days or weeks, and be able to bring you accurate predictions for the future. Sometimes we have the ability to change those predictions through our own actions and our free will. You can hang up the phone and not follow the spiritual guidance that was brought forth, thus changing a particular outcome.

No psychic reader is omniscient. And there will be times that you simply do not resonate to a particular psychic for whatever reason. In light of this we cannot give refunds for “entertainment services,” but we do want you to be pleased and satisfied with your psychic reading, so if you are dissatisfied with your reading, let us know.

Enjoy the connections you make here. You are important to us. You matter. We care. May your spirit find exactly what it seeks to be able to move forward on your healing journey.

If you have a problem with anything, we want to hear about it. If you have a suggestion about how we can better serve you, we want to hear about it. If you simply have a question about our services/policies or anything else is on your mind, we want to hear about it.