Developing Your Clair Senses

5 Apr, 2016

Developing Your Clair Senses

Many people think of psychic ability as a special power reserved for only a few special individuals. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. Intuition is a natural ability that all human beings possess. Before the advent of modern technology, early humans had to rely on their instinct to survive. Instinct led them through the woods to the appropriate herbs or plants for healing, it led them to their prey, or alerted them of danger.

Through his research and involvement in the government psy ops program “The Stargate Project” (, psychic intuitive Ingo Swann theorized that human beings posses not just six, but hundreds of sensing systems that detect the subtle bits of information constantly being sent to us. According to Swann what we label “psychic ability” is actually just a natural part of the human condition, something we all possess. Like all human ability, each of us posses a greater or lesser degree of talent in various sensing areas; just as some people are more skilled at music than others, some people have a greater natural talent for detecting different types of subtle information.

How the subtle bits of information are processed is different for each of us, according to our own innate abilities. Some of us see things, perhaps images, that just come to us in flashes. Others may hear or feel things. The way in which we process this subtle information can be described by what has been termed “the clairs.”

The word clair means clear, and the term clair senses refers to the various types of intuitive sensitivity experienced. We all have the same natural sensing systems; however, due to our personal strengths, we notice the incoming information in various ways. We call these ways the clairs: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. With recognition and a little practice, anyone can learn how to tap into and strengthen their unique natural ability, or clair.

To determine which of the clairs is closest to your own natural ability, try this visualization:

Close you eyes and call to mind a significant life event or memory. Spend a couple of moments brining into your awareness all of the details about this event that you can. After spending a few moments reflecting on this event ask yourself the following question:

What stands out most in your memory?

a. The sights associated with the event

b. The sounds associated with the event

c. The feelings associated with the event

d. The information that you gained from the event

If your answer is a, your natural intuitive may be Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. For you, information is received through visions and images much like a daydream. Many people are visual learners, and are best able to understand an idea when they see it. If this sounds familiar, your clairvoyance is most likely a dominant sense.

If your answer is b, your natural intuitive strength may be Clairaudience.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. Some of us best retain and comprehend information when we hear it spoken aloud, and our natural talents tend to lie in our auditory faculties. If this resonates for you, clairaudience is your natural strength.

If your answer is c, your natural intuitive strength may be Clairsentience.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. This is the facility of empaths. Empaths have the innate ability to feel and perceive what others are experiencing. If you’re with your friend, and your friend has a headache, you feel the headache as if it was your own. Recognizing your own empathic ability is important because otherwise you can spend your life experiencing the sudden onset of mysterious symptoms and never understanding where they are coming from. If you often find yourself feeling the emotions and experiences of those around you, clairsentience is at the top of your senses list.

If your answer is d, your natural intuitive strength may be Claircognizance.

Claircognizance means clear knowing. If you have ever had the experience in which you just suddenly “know” something, you have experienced this remarkable sensing system. When this system is working we simply seem to know the facts with a strong sense of certainty, and if someone were to press you to explain how, you would reply, “I just know!” If you often find yourself in this situation, consider claircognizance as one of your dominant senses.

Once you are aware of your own unique way of sensing subtle information, begin to experiment with it, and ask friends and family for feedback. If you suddenly develop an upset stomach, ask someone in the room if they are suffering from a stomach ache. If you meet someone and the image of a waterfall flashes through your mind out of nowhere, ask them if waterfalls mean anything to them. You’ll be surprised at the answers you receive. Asking for feedback is the only way to learn to trust and develop your natural ability. Have fun with your explorations-you’ll be amazed with the results!

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