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Advisor Jodee

$2.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 117280

Tarot Reader, Visionary, Emphatic. Intuitive Soul who can read your Energy... Read More

Ask Arielle

$4.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 83731

I am here for you - as your advisor, friend, coach, and confidant... Read More


$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 84027

Maggie is a Metaphysical Consultant, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Numer... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $49.00
30 minutes: $89.00
45 minutes: $129.00

Psychic Medium Joy

$4.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 83235

Psychic Medium Joy is a gentle yet powerful psychic. Talking with... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $60.00
30 minutes: $120.00
45 minutes: $180.00


$4.49 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 83236

A veteran in the Psychic reading realm, I have over 3 decades of... Read More

Advisor Rob

$2.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 117397

Rob is a psychic medium who channels intuitive messages with insight... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $39.00
30 minutes: $59.00
45 minutes: $79.00

Ask Rosalee

$4.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 117403

Highly successful World-Renown psychic medium with well over 30 years experience... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $59.00
30 minutes: $119.00
45 minutes: $179.00


$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 102029


Healer Bennedetta

$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 117285

Do you need healing? Call Bennedetta for a Healing Transmission.... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $49.00
30 minutes: $89.00
45 minutes: $129.00

Intuitive Faith

$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 117388

Faith has been called to work through Spirit with love and compassion... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $49.00
30 minutes: $89.00
45 minutes: $129.00

Just Jo

$4.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 102083

Jo connects with and reads your energy wherein lies the essence... Read More

Time Based Packages

15 minutes: $69.00
30 minutes: $119.00
45 minutes: $169.00

Lady Fae

$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 84780

I use my tarot as a portal to the spiritual world. Once the door ... Read More

Advisor Mel

$4.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 101727

Advisor Mel is an experienced psychic reader with over twenty years of... Read More

Advisor Leslie

$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 83265

Advisor Leslie is a wonderful, caring Clairvoyant Astrologer. She can... Read More

Miss Kate

$3.99 per minute

(888) 626-7386 Ext. 83259

Psychic Readings for Love, Relationships, Work, Finances... Read More



"Joy thank you for all you have done, I couldn't go through it without you. He texted just as you said, I will hold off with my reply. Talk soon!" Racheal
"Charles knew what I was calling about. He helped me see my strengths and weaknesses within my relationship and how to move on. I cannot thank him enough!" Jeffrey M
"Cheryl is the best. She is sensitive and so so caring. She is my go-to psychic from now on!" Vivienne
"Rosalee is a gem and a gifted medium; she helped me greatly!" Victoria
"Grace is fast, accurate and so genuine. One prediction has already happened!" Cathy T. xoxo
I am a new customer and I must say that Ask Arielle

was awesome! I can't wait to try everyone here! Linda M.

Mel gave me some great info, her accuracy was amazing! JoLynn
"Miss Kate is down to earth and pretty amazing; she pulled a name out of thin air. Definitely call her! Nanette W.Anne"
"I love Jo's professionalism and accuracy. Everything happened just as she said it would. Paula"
"Lesley gave me so much to look forward to and explained the past well. My new fav!! Trina"
"I am so grateful for this site and Maggie especially. Words cannot describe her abilities. Please...give her a try!" Steph
"Sophie gave me chills. She is an exceptional reader. I will most definitely call her again." Emily T.
"Jodee is one of the best. I can't say enough about her." Jackie.
"I called Bennedetta when I was at my lowest during my divorce. She helped guide me to a much better place. I will be forever grateful!" - Lana Marie
"Rob is just special. I would highly recommend him." Chrisine W.
"Faith is the first person I tried on this site. She is so gentle and understands you before you speak. I would definitely recommend her!" Tanya L.
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