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Dyan-garris-xx30001_3-592x1024Dyan Garris welcomes you  to Voice of the where we offer you the best in online psychic readings, email psychic readings, tarot psychic readings, love psychic readings, live psychic chat, and live psychic readings with real psychics.

————AT THE HEART———–

The-Heart-Voiceoftheangels-cardsGrowing very weary of SEO, keywords, buzzwords, and all hype in general, I am going to cut straight to the chase and I am therefore writing this straight from the heart. It’s really the only way that I know how to do anything at all.

I hope as you read this and browse through our offerings, you can clearly feel and absorb the immense love that I have poured out onto the pages and into the nooks, crannies, and very ethers of Voice of the  Like all of us, it has grown, morphed, changed, and transformed over the course of the past 10 years.

———————HERE’S THE THING————————–

galaxy500x372Now here’s the thing: We are all multi-dimensional beings. What that means is that we exist physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. And we exist far beyond what we appear to be here on this earth plane. In the duality consciousness that is just inherent in this earthly incarnation, we simply may have forgotten or do forget that at times.

But even beyond that, the bottom line is that we may feel so far apart from who we really are and find ourselves a long, long way from home.

_sasha_angel_woman_gif_animated_angels_art_girl_athina_otherz_gotico_my_album_grab_angelsfantasy_fantasy_eterna4ui_anges_friend_fhotos_angel__zpse2c98ec0_gif_5106354db8b77Consequently, then we may feel a loss of connection or feel stuck in life and unsure about how exactly to extricate ourselves. We are definitely living in challenging times. And now with all that is transpiring globally, individually, and planetarily, we may find ourselves intensely confronted with our old patterns, deep seated fears, old programming, and old messages we either learned from our caretakers or came in here with.

These are bubbling up and sometimes exploding up to the surface. Many have recently had to cope with abrupt changes in all areas of life and seemingly harsh lessons regarding any area of life, karma, or sacred contract that remained or remains unfinished or unhealed.


maleangel_96kifls3It seems lately too, that in particular, lightworkers, healers, teachers, psychics, real mediums, spiritual guides, and those who came to the planet at this time to simply serve through their love of humanity, are the ones being hit the hardest, and at the root, with all of the negativity that is swirling about.

Lightworker, healer, psychic, or not, all of us at one time or another may find ourselves at a crossroads or perplexed about how to best move forward, spiritually or otherwise. We may find ourselves engaging in repetitive patterns, stuck in bad relationships, working out old karma, or simply longing to create, recreate, or co-create a rich, successful, and fulfilling life for ourselves.

—————————REACHING OUT—————————-

psychic-readings-from integrityWe may reach out – perhaps initially through a psychic reading. or several psychic readings – and sometimes then find ourselves more confused than when we began, because perhaps the people we reached out to weren’t real psychics or were just dispensing common sense advice, or perhaps told us things that simply didn’t ring true.

Here at Voice of the, while our psychic readers aren’t God, they are real psychics. When I bring a psychic reader on here, I look for certain things. One of those, in addition to genuine psychic abilities, of course, is the ability and willingness to bring forth the truth.

———————–ON YOUR JOURNEY————————

animatedbu_htzf4fvaNo matter who you are or where you are on your journey, it is our goal to help you find the answers that you seek to be able to empower yourself and move forward.

And rather than just provide you with yet another psychic “entertainment” experience, we can help connect you with the real answers and the real spiritual guidance that you seek, thus effecting positive change and transformation in your life. We care about you, your spirituality, your healing journey, and we are here to help. We do this in many ways:

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Voice of the and Dyan Garris are certified by The American Council of Holistic Healers, The World Metaphysical Association, and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (NCBTMB).

American Council of Holistic HealersNational Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and BodyworkersWorld Metaphysical Association

Angelic Blessings to all who visit

~ Dyan Garris

“Open your heart now to the light and let it shine from deep inside. A transformation can occur, if you are willing not to hide.”
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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Voice of the Angels

  1. Hi Lovely Lucille! It seems we are often on the same page, as I was just thinking of you as well! I was going to send you an email, actually. So here you are! :) I’m so happy to hear that life is balancing out for you now. Blessings on your new home and may true love find you, as well as every blessing! xo

  2. Lucille Benoit

    Hello Dyan,

    Thinking of you today as I was on VOA website! Trust all is well in your world. Life feels like it is balancing out for me. A blessing after a few years of inner turmoil. I have moved to a new home that will provide me a safe haven and allow me to be comfortable as I pay off restricting debt from my year long spiral :) I feel like there is a force that is bringing my love and I closer as each day passes and I am excited for this. My career is going well and I am attracting all kinds of great things in this regard.

    I think of you often as you were a stabalizing force for me at a time of great need and for that I am ever grateful

    Blessings from Nova Scotia, Canada

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