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Dyan Garris welcomes you  to Voice of the where we offer you the best in online psychic readings, email psychic readings, tarot psychic readings, love psychic readings, dyanweblive psychic chat, and live psychic readings with real psychics.

We are all multi-dimensional beings. What that means is that we exist physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. And perhaps because of some of the messages and patterns we learned from our caretakers as we grew up, which get deeply imprinted in our psyches, we often find ourselves stuck in life and unsure how to extricate ourselves.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss on how to move forward, spiritually and otherwise. We may then find ourselves engaging in repetitive patterns, stuck in bad relationships, or at a loss of how to create a rich, successful, and fulfilling life for ourselves.

We reach out – perhaps initially through a psychic reading. or several psychic readings – and sometimes then find ourselves more confused than when we began, because perhaps the people we reached out to weren’t real psychics or were just dispensing common sense advice, or perhaps told us things that simply weren’t true.

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Here at, while our psychics aren’t God, they are real psychics.And it is our goal to help you find the answers that you need to empower yourself.  You can find answers here through any one of our accurate phone psychic readings with real psychic readers who have been personally interviewed and tested by Dyan for real psychic ability and professionalism, or our free tarot card readings, free angel card readings.


You can also investigate Dyan Garris’ entire Spiritual Toolbox which is a series of products for multi-dimensional living and integrative healing. Try her free angel card readings online to begin to experience the essence and foundation of her work. (You can even put the free angel card readings on your own site through our affiliate program).

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Here at Voice of the we can help you move forward instead of staying stuck in an endless cycle of confusion. And rather than just provide you with yet another “entertainment” experience, we can help connect you with the real answers and spiritual guidance that you seek, thus effecting positive change in your life. We provide you with real psychic readings and real spiritual tools that help empower you and make a difference in your life.

We do this in many ways:

Dyan Garris, creator of is a visionary mystic, pioneer in the field of integrative healing, and a real clairvoyant who reads directly from the Akashic Records, as well as a voice recognition psychic, trance channel psychic medium, multiple award nominated New Age recording artist, best selling and award winning author of several inspirational and self-help books, and energy worker specializing in chakra balance and manifesting.

Dyan has assembled some of the best live online psychics, psychic mediums, tarot readers and psychic readers anywhere, all of whom have different spiritual gifts. You will undoubtedly find someone here who will resonate in harmony with you and help you move forward on the path.

No matter where you are, no matter what led you here, it is our hope that something on Voice of the will resonate deeply with your spirit, touch a chord, and will help guide you along the path.

It is our desire to help you connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides so that you may experience the deep peace that surpasses all understanding. It is our desire that you know what we know

Angels and Spirit Guides Are Real – and they are here for you right now. They await your permission to help you. All you need do is ask.   


“Come to a place

where the ocean knows your name,

and on the wings of the wind,

you will hear. . .the voice of the angels.”

(Copyright Dyan Garris from her song “The Voice of the Angels.”)


Angel Blessings to all who visit!

~~~ Dyan Garris 

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Voice of the Angels

  1. Hi Lovely Lucille! It seems we are often on the same page, as I was just thinking of you as well! I was going to send you an email, actually. So here you are! :) I’m so happy to hear that life is balancing out for you now. Blessings on your new home and may true love find you, as well as every blessing! xo

  2. Lucille Benoit

    Hello Dyan,

    Thinking of you today as I was on VOA website! Trust all is well in your world. Life feels like it is balancing out for me. A blessing after a few years of inner turmoil. I have moved to a new home that will provide me a safe haven and allow me to be comfortable as I pay off restricting debt from my year long spiral :) I feel like there is a force that is bringing my love and I closer as each day passes and I am excited for this. My career is going well and I am attracting all kinds of great things in this regard.

    I think of you often as you were a stabalizing force for me at a time of great need and for that I am ever grateful

    Blessings from Nova Scotia, Canada

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